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Symbol of You

Symbol of You

The Book of Everyone is a wonderful new service that allows anyone to create a one-of-a-kind personalised book in just a few minutes. On this particular project, the Book of Everyone collaborated with a number of artists, and each providing a unique contribution to the book. I was charged with generating the “Symbol of You” component, that brought together a person’s name, element, moon phase and date of birth into one cohesive visual entity. 

Created for:
The Book of Everyone


This symbol was the format that was used in the final product. A user would enter in their details, and a symbol would be generated that was unique to them. 



Work in Progress

Many, many concepts were created before the final symbol came together, so here I’ve compiled some of my favourite iterations for a behind the scenes look at how the final symbol came together.  (Each of the graphics below use the same metrics as the final symbol shown above, just in a myriad of different compositions)