The Graphic Continuum

The Graphic Continuum, developed by Jon Schwabish, is a handy poster that visualises the many different types of ways in which we can visualise and encode data. Broken down into five usage categories, over 90 different chart types are presented in this one comprehensive visual.

A little background on the project: 

Working with Severino Ribecca, we set out to display this space in a clear and easy-to-read form. The idea was to display the space for reader to use as a resource or simply as art. We iterated dozens of times, went through multiple layouts, and determined that a horizontal grid-type layout provided the best format to show this space. We’ve plotted nearly 90 different graphics across five main categories: Distribution, Time, Comparing Categories, Geospatial, Part-to-Whole, and Relationships. The space does not include every type of graphic, nor does it display every link between visualizations, but we view it as a thought-starter. You can use the poster to develop ideas, consider different options, or simply as a piece of art.

The poster is available to purchase for $25