The Month in Data: July 2014

I'll admit that I've neglected my monthly round-up here for a little while. The last few months have flown by at an alarming pace, and with a whole host of new projects that all went into production at the same time, blogging seemed to fall by the wayside. 

So in a bid to kick this back off again, I've selected just a few of my favourite articles and projects from July. This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list (there are people out there who do it much better than I ever could!), rather this is a collection of those pieces that I personally found particularly compelling.


Projects / Graphics

Smarty Pins by Google - A fun, Google Maps based geography and trivia game. 

Horror Star Map by Dorothy - Based on the night sky over Berlin during the premier of Nosferatu in 1922, this new map by Dorothy brings together all of the stars from old and new horror movies alike into this meticulously detailed constellation map.

3D World Cup Visualisation by Times of Oman - I'm no football fan, but I admire the attention to detail that went into the construction of this fabulous 3D visualisation. Read all about the "making of" over on Visual Loop.

Miserable Weather by Cameron Beccario - Cameron is probably best known for his wind map of Earth, but since its creation a little while ago, he's been adding more and more layers to his original model. This latest one visualises the perceived air temperature around the world.