Spurious Correlations

Created by Tyler Vigen, Spurious Correlations is a hilarious collection of charts that does a wonderful job of reminding us that correlation does not always imply causation. Some of these gems include:

In Tyler's words:

I created this website as a fun way to look at correlations and to think about data. Empirical research is interesting, and I love to wonder about how variables work together. The charts on this site aren't meant to imply causation nor are they meant to create a distrust for research or even correlative data. Rather, I hope this project gets people interested in statistics and research. 

I'm not a math or statistics major, but I do have a love for science and discovery and that's all anyone should need.

By pairing together seemingly random datasets that appear to correlate, Tyler shows us just how easy it is to draw often misleading conclusions from simple visual clues.

A fascinating and often hilarious study. Do check out all 13,298 correlations!