The Google Map of Westeros

If like me, you're a big fan of both Game of Thrones and cartography, then you'll love this hugely detailed, fan-made map of Westeros. This Google Map helps to visually make sense of the overwhelming number of characters and places within the books and show. So if you can't remember what happened when and where and with whom, this is made for you.

If your favourite character is Tyrion you're able to see where he currently is and where he's travelled to so far with a handy little connector line. 

If you want to see where each of the houses are located and where they move to throughout the books, you can toggle that layer on from the side menu. (Be warned though, by clicking on a flag you will be taken to the Wiki of Fire and Ice which is chock-full of spoilers from the book.)

If you want to see where everyone is and has been, you can do that too. 

Worried about spoilers? No problem. One of the nicest features, is being able to select what chapter / episode to show up-to on the map. So no matter if you're just watching the show, or are plowing your way through the books, you can rest easy knowing that nothing will be spoiled for you. 

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