I•AM•I Woven Data Portrait

I•AM•I is a fascinating data-driven installation created by artist duo Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese. Combining data collected by Fitbit and an emotional response survey completed by the participant, a unique “portrait” is generated onto a hand-woven fibre-optic mesh.

In the words of the artists:

IAMI is a constantly changing, woven data portrait. It displays an abstract representation of the sitter’s activities and responses to a self-reporting emotional survey. These activities are collected and generated by the FitBit, an activity tracker. Coloration is drawn from Thai/Khmer colors of the day and Plutchik’s wheel of emotions so that viewers can read the day, the type of activities and the scale of emotions on the piece’s woven surface. The portrait is structured in weekly cycles of 7 days and daily progressions of 11 emotions.
Image via the Fitbit Blog

Image via the Fitbit Blog

I•AM•I is the second in a series of data-driven fibre-optic tapestry projects created by Ligorano and Reese. Read more about this and their other projects on ligoranoreese.net