2014: A New Site

My website has been over on Tumblr for 5+ years. Back in the day, Tumblr was one of the few blog sites that you could fully-customise yourself without having to pay a substantial monthly fee. So armed with my little knowledge of HTML and CSS I hacked together a portfolio website and blog.


From these humble beginnings it went through many, many iterations. What started off as a little place for me to post those things I found around the Internet, turned into a portfolio site to house my work. It's been every colour of the rainbow, and has been formatted into as many different layouts as I could think of within the constraints of the Tumblr platform. 

But Tumblr as a portfolio and blog host has its limitations. I was starting to find it cumbersome to update and create customised posts and adding a new piece of work wasn't as streamlined as I would have liked. And it's this that has primarily led me to explore an alternative option. 

I've heard many good things about Squarespace over the past year or so. So I started exploring and very quickly found it was exactly the platform I've been looking for. Super easy to maintain, a host of great features and a wonderfully streamlined way to change and switch layouts. 

So here I am, happily settled at this new location. I'm a little sad to be saying farewell to my good ol' Tumblr site, but will likely be moving some of my more in-depth posts over here in the near future. 

Farewell Tumblr, hello new site!