The Month in Data: January 2014

I decided halfway through January that it would be a good idea to start a new series of posts collecting together some of my favourite data-related articles, projects and inspiration that I bookmarked throughout the month. I couldn't live without both Pocket and Pinterest, and it seems a shame not to organise my findings into a more logical flow of sorts.  So, without further ado, here is my short-but-sweet January collection:


Data-Related Articles

Data Projects and Inspiration

The Middle Earth Project
A scale 3D model of Tolkien’s world that you can explore! A labour of love, for sure.

19th Century Astronomical Diagrams
I should really start a board on Pinterest for vintage astronomy diagrams... I love them so.

A Flowering Theory
A visual journey through Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Stefanie Posavec and animator Abbie Stephens.

The Data Visualisation Catalogue
A comprehensive detailed look at the many different chart forms. A great resource for any data enthusiast.

All the Planes in the Sky by The Guardian
View the planes currently in the sky with this stunning interactive visualisation.

Famous Movie Quotes as Charts by Flowing Data
To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Nathan Yau chartify's AFI's 100 most memorable movie quotes. 

The Refugee Project by Hyperakt and Ekene Ijeoma
A narrative, temporal map of refugee migrations since 1975. A huge amount of data powers this beautiful interactive.